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Stephen Cupello

Stephen Cupello

Thomas International Psychologist

Stephen Cuppello is a UK-based business psychologist and has been a member of Thomas International’s psychology team since 2016. As well as conducting research to support new and existing Thomas tools, carrying out big data benchmarking studies and adverse impact research in organisations, speaking at events and managing industry regulation, he is the key consultant responsible for localisation, validation and optimisation of Thomas tools globally. He has a master’s degree in applied psychology and years of experience working with assessments internationally.

Stephen’s Sessions

I’m a Talent! Can you tell?

22nd November (Day 1) – Workshop Session – 14:00

Is it possible to predict job performance and potential?

We are looking outside the company for talents! We are stealing people from other companies because they are better than ours! Are they?! Do we have an innovative alternative? Yes! One that is telling us for many years that we can predict the potential of talent in leadership! Do we have the courage to use such a technique? What are we doing with the people once we identified them as TALENTS? Are we doing something?!

Back to the Future!

23nd November (Day 2) – Panel Debate – 09:20

HR Strategies and Instruments – Panel Debate – with Cristian Giuglea, Per Falck, Stephen Cuppello and Jeff Ford

Everything is Digital today! Even the World Football Championship in Japan will be robotized, digitalized, automized. Is this the trend also in HR? Is this part of the future of People management? Can we change leaders with robots? The debate will be based on very different experiences and background of the guests. The conclusions?! Wait and see!

From Big to Essentials

23nd November (Day 2) – 14:00

with Gabriel Roseasnu and Stephen Cupello

The idea of Data is not to be huge but to be simple and useful – to get to the essence of the person. Are there any possibilities to be simple and complete in the same time? Yes, it is! Find how!