Sorina Bradea - Innovation in people management

Sorina Bradea

Sorina Bradea

Managing Partner at Thomas Romania

Innovation, novelty in HR and business, represent the directions that Sorina Bradea has been following for 23 years. Trainer and consultant within her own company, Romarketing, she brought to Romania in 1998 Thomas International, one of the internationally most famous and used behavioral evaluation systems. Today she is still passionate by working people, promoting self-awareness and strong knowledge about who we are. She is now supporting the continuous development of the Thomas Romania team and working with the Key Accounts. She believes in the value of each, in the possibility of using one’s potential to the maximum-provided that you know it.

Motto: “Be yourself, do not try to be the most successful copy of your role model in life!” – Sorina Bradea


Sorina’s Session

22nd November (Day 1) – Workshop Session – 14:00

Engage or die!

Engage your People and Innovate your Business

The war for labour force is driving companies to look in a different way to their own people. But why people are not looking in a different way to their employers? How can we be inovative in engaging employees if we do not have the information about what makes them engaged?! Innovation starts with information. And engaging people needs today a lot of innovative solutions. Or the company will die!