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Eduard Lopez

Eduard Lopez

General Manager at Teknia Oradea

Eduard Lopez is the General Manager for Teknia Oradea, part of automotive multinational Teknia Group, and Managing Director for Human for Human Consulting. He has been leading and coaching multinational and multicultural teams in the electronic and automotive industries, for over 20 years, in three different countries. With a strong background in managing operations, his main areas of expertise include Customer relationships, supply chain and building high-performance teams. His educational background is in Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, complemented with a Master degree in Finance and studies on International Commerce. Since 2015, Eduard is a Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation and a Certified Instructor by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Eduard’s Session

Do not conflict! Manage Behaviour!

23nd November (Day 2) – Workshop Session – 14:00

Behaviour under pressure and frustrations – with Eduard Lopez and Cristian Giuglea

We all have conflicts. Do they have to harm for us and our teams? Do we have solutions for managing the conflicts? Or maybe to look from a different angle! And so we have a chance to work with our frustrations and stressful situations. Two peole, two approaches – very different!