Cristian Giuglea - Innovation in people management

Cristian Giuglea

Cristian Giuglea

Director Talent Management at Veoneer

Cristian Giuglea is today Director Talent Management at Veoneer, a very dynamic company that develops cutting-edge technology for the Future Car. For more than 13 years Cristian promoted and developed in Autoliv Romania the Leadership Culture and the Innovation of Work in every step. Besides the people and growing them for leadership positions, Cristian has a passion: walking on the mountains with his family. Does he has time for this? Yes, because he found the Inner Balance!
Cristian believes that talent management and coaching are not only HR activities but they belong to management in successful businesses.

There are two words that will always describe Cristian: Innovation and Change!

Cristian’s Sessions

Back to the Future!

23nd November (Day 2) – Panel Debate – 09:20

HR Strategies and Instruments – Panel Debate – with Cristian Giuglea, Per Falck, Stephen Cuppello and Jeff Ford

Everything is Digital today! Even the World Football Championship in Japan will be robotized, digitalized, automized. Is this the trend also in HR? Is this part of the future of People management? Can we change leaders with robots? The debate will be based on very different experiences and background of the guests. The conclusions?! Wait and see!

Do not conflict! Manage Behaviour!

23nd November (Day 2) – Workshop Session – 14:00

Behaviour under pressure and frustrations – with Eduard Lopez and Cristian Giuglea

We all have conflicts. Do they have to harm for us and our teams? Do we have solutions for managing the conflicts? Or maybe to look from a different angle! And so we have a chance to work with our frustrations and stressful situations. Two peole, two approaches – very different!