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Adrian Cioroianu

Adrian Cioroianu

Hunter, Farmer, Negociator, Influencer and Author

As a Hunter, Farmer, Negociator, Influencer and Sales Trainer Adrian Cioroianu is the kind of a person you can count on. He has experience in sales and management and his past is defined by working at companies such as Orange Romania, Sony Ericsson and Intel Corporation. He’s also an entrepreneur and founder of AC Knowledge, a company which offers training and consulting for sales. Out of passion for education he is also the Lead Organizer of TEDxFloreasca, the first event in Romania which is held in open-air.

Adrian is the author of “Vand orice, oricand, oricui” and coordinator the “Povesti Nemuritoare de Vanzari” book. These books are a collection of experiences lived by salesmen from difference industries, a set of real stories out of which everyone can learn.


Adrian’s Session

22nd November (Day 1) – Workshop Session – 14:00

Who’s afraid of behaviours?! Not my sales team!

Behaviours as a trigger in your sales team success!

The clients are very diferent, they have diferent expectations and there is only one person selling to them your products or services. How is it possible to train your sales people to be more behaviour orientated? How can you, as a manager, make sure that your sales team knows how to understand and treat different customers’ behaviour? We have devices to register orders, mobile phones to talk to customers but we do not have yet a machine that is recognising customers expectations or showing our interest for them! We still need people to do this!